25 September 2017


We provide training at a number of levels to help arts, culture and heritage organisations improve their marketing and audience development skills - from an operational to strategic level.

We understand that the staff within your organisation will be at different stages in their careers and that time spent away from your desk to attend training is precious. Our training is mindful of this, so you will leave our sessions with inspiration, ideas, and practical plans to put into operation.

Open to All

This is skills-based training open to all arts, culture and heritage organisations. It tackles issues faced by both ticketed and non-ticketed organisations and caters throughout the year for those with and without dedicated marketing and audience development staff.

See our training events page and follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with our latest training opportunities.

Delve Deeper

ANI understands that one size does not fit all. For those organisations further along the audience development road, we can offer a more relevant package as well as peer learning and networking opportunities to provide inspiration and challenge thinking.

Tailored to You

Got a specific audience question? Or data dilemma? We are happy to talk to you about a one-off piece of training relating to data collection and conducting research or audience development and marketing. Or it may form part of a bigger research project we are delivering for your organisation.

If you have any specific training needs that you’d like to discuss, please contact projects@audiencesni.com

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