25 September 2017


Collecting the data that counts - and knowing what to do with that information to make the most impact - is vital for arts, culture and heritage organisations to understand and strengthen their audience.

We work with ticketed and non-ticketed organisations to help them better understand their audience in delivering projects that will respond to unique research requirements. 

Do you want to track attendance in particular groups? Do you want to know how your audience compares to others in your area, or across the UK? We can provide support in a number of ways, depending on the type of information you are looking for. 

To discuss your research needs, please contact research@audiencesni.com

Open to All

We provide relevant and appropriate research data that is available to everyone through our online resources. This includes our analysis of research from other sources and shared information on the behaviours and motivations of arts audiences.

Through Experian’s MOSAIC, we have access to information on over 99% of all NI adults. This information can give all organisations, regardless of size and ticketing systems, insight into people’s behaviours and motivations and how that impacts on their attendance and participation. We can support organisations to turn this data into practical plans.

Delve Deeper

In addition to the information available for anyone to access, we can work closely with your organisation to delve deeper. This can be through analysing existing data, collecting new data, conducting focus groups – and even training your staff to provide them with the skills to deliver research projects in-house. 

Some examples include:

  • Audience Health Checks - audit of current audience data and recommendations for future actions to improve the quality of your data.
  • Foundations Report - our annual national benchmarking project for ticketed venues and festivals across NI. Participation includes peer learning, the whys and hows of collecting robust data, and access to practical training for Box Office and Front of House Staff.
  • Deepening the insights available from Vital Statistics & Mosaic – providing practical support to turn insights from these sources into actions tailored to your organisation.

Tailored to You

If you have a problem, or audience information gap, that is very specific to your organisation - we can work with you to deliver the right research to support your needs and help you take practical steps to inform your organisational strategy. 

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