25 September 2017




Chief Executive: Margaret Henry Margaret Henry 3.jpg

Date joined ANI: 
January 2014

Last job before ANI:
Head of Marketing, BBC Sport and Radio 5 live 

Main responsibilities: 

  • Overall strategic planning and direction of ANI
  • Financial responsibility
  • Leading the team
  • Developing partnerships across the cultural sector

Little known fact:
Margaret once took part in a successful Guinness World Record for the most people playing 5-a-side football over 24 hours

ceo@audiencesni.com +44 (0) 28 9043 6482

Client Relationships Director: Fiona Bell  


Date joined ANI:
November 2014

Last job before ANI:
Operations Manager, Replay Theatre Company

Main responsibilities: 

  • Any financial enquiries
  • Any general supplier enquiries
  • Advice on policies and procedures
  • Any general enquiry if you don’t know who to ask!

Little known fact: 
Fiona was obsessed with Boris Becker for a considerable period of time

operations@audiencesni.com +44 (0) 28 9043 6480

Strategic Insights Director: Chris Palmer

Date joined ANI:
December 2016

Last job before ANI: 
Product Manager, For-Sight Guest CRM

Main responsibilities:

  • Leads the research team
  • Responsible for the design and delivery of research projects for partners and clients – including sectoral reporting and customer specific research projects to help the sector understand and develop their audiences

Little Known Fact: 
Chris went the entire way to New Zealand to see the first Hobbit movie in 2012, but was too ill to watch the film properly

research@audiencesni.com  +44 (0) 28 9043 6480

Research Executive: Laura Cusick


Date joined ANI:
June 2016

Last job before ANI: 
Project Manager, Forbes Consulting Group

Main responsibilities: 

  • Data analysis, creation of reports and analysis of customer/sales data

Little Known Fact: 
Laura was born and raised in Hawaii, but can’t swim

data@audiencesni.com +44 (0) 28 9043 6480

Client Relationships Executive: Claire Rose Canavan 


Date joined ANI: 
September 2015

Last job before ANI:
Tour Guide, Castle Ward

Main responsibilities: 

  • General support to the research team
  • Creating questionnaires and surveys 
  • Analysing and evaluating survey responses to provide useful evidence and insight
  • Organises ANI’s training events and Audience Appointments
  • Monitors the resources library and contributes to the quarterly information mailings

Little known fact:
Claire Rose has an inability to pronounce a word correctly unless she has heard someone else pronounce it first

projects@audiencesni.com +44 (0) 28 9043 6480

Business Support Executive: Pamela Meekin

Pamela looks after any financial or supplier enquiries. She also manages company policies and procedures, as well as providing support to our CEO in ensuring Audiences NI’s good governance and strategic growth. 

business@audiencesni.com +44 (0) 28 9043 6480

Communications Executive: Colette Fahy

Colette manages communications for Audiences NI including our website, social media, newsletter and visual identity. She also provides practical communications solutions and support to our clients. She has worked in administrative and communications roles in the non-profit and arts sectors. She holds a BA in Fine Art and Art History.

communications@audiencesni.com +44 (0) 28 9043 6480

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